Foreign troops on American soil and talk of a New World Order Documented on Video

Foreign troops on American soil and talk of a new world order Documented on Video


The US Defense Department has a yearly, multi-national training exercise at Ft. Polk, Louisiana called “Cooperative Nugget”. These are pictures from the 1997 training, showing foreign troops training in check point establishment, civilian detention, federal officer protection and civil disturbances suppression against US citizens. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids US forces from participating in Civil Law Enforcement. Now that US forces have been allowed to violate this in Drug & Terror civil matters (Ruby Ridge, Waco, and many others), apparently now, we are training foreign “troops” to assist here in the US as well. Why would they need foreign troops? … because many US troops, when the balloons finally go up, will not follow such orders.

Forging a Hammer/ Operation Coopertive Nugget 95

Russian troops are shown here, detaining and checking “role playing” US civilians at a check point which the Russian troops have established.

A Kazigstanian trooper is shown here with his assault rifle preparing to defend a “role playing” US Federal Officer during a “Civil Disturbance”.

Turkistanian troopers are shown here, checking the “papers” of a detained US Civilian pickup truck at a checkpoint they have established.


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