The New Year and the New World Order

The last year has been a doozy with world wide economic disorder and wars blooming. Winners and losers abound. Russia and the oil producing states won the first seven months or so of the oil wars and now have been beaten back. Russia started blowing its money on its military and our friend in South America bought new weapons and bought voters from the poorer classes with new found oil wealth.
Now the second round is over. Russia and others who depended largely on oil revenue are reeling. Motorists in the US are not happy even with low fuel prices. There certainly is massive worries and people are off the big car binge. There are reports of people buying big clunkers but this might not mean people are buying into the gas hog idea but that the auto makers are whacking costs for customers in an effort to unload unwanted cars and trucks.
Unemployment is up and people seem afraid and are hoarding their money. Economic fear is everwhere. Our friends in China are hurting because of the world wide slowdown. Many blame the hustlers in the loan business for the economic troubles. A lot of blame lies with the bankers and their frauds, but a lot of blame can be put on oil producers who drove prices of crude to record levels. Mass prices increases for basic goods forced money out of productive enterprises and forced people worldwide to cut back purchases. Now like a disease, bank fraud and commodity prices have driven down people round the world.
The media keep harping on how things are going to get worse. How much worse? People in many countries have lost retirement savings and now may lose their jobs as well. Greed can be a good and helpful force by making people work and create wealth, but too much greed in the hand of swindling Wall Street brokers and investment houses can create an evil and angry population.
It remains only for another Hitler or Lenin to move into the breach and start a movement to save the world or bring the economic criminals to justice. Then we will have the beginning of the twentith first century starting much like the last century, the 1905 Japan-Russian War, the Boer War in South Africa, and the first round of the Russian Revolution in 1905. Then the big bang war of WWI taking millions of lives and ushering in modern wars of the machine age took place. The incredible war was so easy to avoid and indeed with a little less ego or less male hormones could have been stopped in its tracks. Yet death and war are too important to let logic and sense get in the way.
Now the new century starts with a bunch of idiots flying planes into buildings and a dumbfounded, paniced gang in Washington egged on by those who wanted to get the US involved in Middle Eastern problems got the ball rolling with their lies and stupid war against Iraq. They ignored the war in Afghanistan which is now largely controlled by lawless gangs of warlords and drug dealers. Take your eye off one war and get in another one is the way to lose two wars.
Now the religious wars are shaping up as people are goaded into terrorism and driven by fear into massive attacks designed to deter terrorism but which seem always to encourage terrorism and more war much like a huge tumor which just keeps growing.
Peace will be forgotten and war will gain the upper hand. Sooner or later as the century goes on weapons of mass destruction will become weapons of terror which will provoke massive strikes against targets, real and imagined, and result in even more disorder and economic dislocation. The world has its warning signs but so far few are willing to come to their senses and support a just agreement to end a lot of violence.  Too many want war to advance their own ends.


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