Video: Gaza invasion ‘a favor for Obama’

Bill Kristol thinks that President-elect Barack Obama should be thankful for Israel’s attack on Gaza.

“If you care about the peace process you should want Israel to embarrass and humiliate Hamas. That’s the only chance — there would be no peace process if Hamas were governing Gaza. That would be the worst thing for Obama. This is a favor for Obama if it de legitimizes and weakens Hamas,” Kristol said.

Asked by Wallace how similar the invasion of Gaza is to Israel’s battle with Hezbollah in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, Kristol said it would “be an achievement” if Israel could bring peace to its southern border with Palestine the way it did with Lebanon in the north.

But Wallace and Juan Williams of National Public Radio both said there is a real danger that the invasion of Gaza will only “empower” Hamas,

“It seems to me they’re aiming for Israel having to occupy Gaza,” Williams said. “They say they’re not, but how else are you going to in fact stop these folks from firing these rockets?”

“If you really want peace, you cannot have people who do not acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel,” Williams said.

Obama has laid low for the Israeli invasion of Gaza, saying nothing to the press about his position on the worsening violence.

Members of Obama’s transition team have only said their boss is “monitoring” the situation, where at least 460 people have already been killed in eight days of air raids.

This video is from Fox’s Fox News Sunday, broadcast Jan. 4, 2008.

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