Gaza telecommunication systems offline

Palestinian communications networks are barely functioning in the Gaza Strip due to cables damaged by several Israeli airstrikes on network infrastructure on Saturday.

Palestinian mobile provider Jawwal’s phone may stop working “at any minute” as shelling severely damaged the provider’s telecommunications network in Gaza.

PalTel, Jawwal’s parent company based in the West Bank, told Ma’an, “The Israeli shelling damaged the electric grid and caused continuous cuts.”

“The lack of fuel will lead to cutting lines with the telecommunications company (in Gaza) and the Hadara internet company, as well as Jawwal’s mobile phones,” the statement added.

The statement warned that “all means of communication with the Gaza Strip will be highly affected and may totally cut off.”

Attempts to contact Ma’an’s correspondents by mobile were unsuccessful early Sunday morning. Landlines appeared to be working properly between homes in Gaza and Ma’an’s headquarters in Bethlehem.


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