Obama quiet on Israeli invasion of Gaza – another sign of betrayal to the common people of America serving the interests of the neo cons, rich, and elite

Obama is quiet on Gaza massacre by Israel. Shame on Obama. Shame on the hypocrite democrats who are slaves of the rich and elite oligarchs of America that support Israel and its massive terrorist acts.

Leaflets signed by the commander of the Israeli military were dropped over northern Gaza this morning, warning residents to “leave the area immediately” to ensure their safety. Israeli tanks and troops have massed on the Gaza border, and an Israel Defense Forces spokeswoman said ground forces are prepared to enter Gaza when they receive orders to do so.

Israel has already massacred the Palestinians just to show the world no matter what Obama says, he will take order from the Israeli command and control in New York.

Look at the difference. European Union delegation is heading to the Middle East to meet with regional leaders and seek a Gaza cease-fire. Obama sits quietly and is waiting to follow the orders of rich and elite American oligarchs.

Monday’s first meeting will involve members of the European Union leadership and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country just finished a six-month EU presidency. The Czech Republic, which took over the role from France, will lead the delegation, the Czech presidency said.

The officials would try to establish a dialogue between the EU and Middle East to look for possible ways of reestablishing an armistice in Gaza, the Czech presidency said. They would also be looking for ways to provide humanitarian aid to people in Gaza.

But Obama is nowhere to be found. He is playing golf in Hawaii!


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