Photos: More Pictures of Israel’s Crimes in Gaza

Gaza under Israeli fire 03 jan 2009

Israeli air strikes on Gaza 03 Jan 2009

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza 03 Jan 2009

israels bombing of Gaza

Gaza under fire by Israel

gaza after Israeli bombing 02 jan 2009

Gaza under Israeli fire

Gaza under Israeli fire

Palestinian boy killed by Israeli air strike 03 Jan 2009

Palestinian boy died under Israeli fire and thrown on the floor of Shifa hospital due to bed shortage

Israeli bombing of Gaza Dec 2008

Israeli air strikes on Gaza 3 jan 2009

Shifa hospital in Gaza

Israeli air-strike against Gaza

Shocked Palestinian sitting in Gaza rubble caused by Israeli air strikes 02 jan 2009



  blood dripping from the injured all over

Palestinians watching their destroyed homes by israeli forces

Israel preparing for "surgical strikes" in which 50%  of victims are civilians

anchor reports from destroyed gaza 02 Jan 2009

destruction of Gaza by Israelis 02 jan 2009

unexploded  Israeli missiles in Gaza 03 Jan 2009

unexploded bombs left by the Israelis in Gaza 03 Jan 2009

Israeli bombing and destruction of Gaza 03 Jan 2009

gaza being bombed by Israeli air force 03 ded 2008

gaza after Israeli air strike 02 jan 2009


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