US troops shoot Iraqi TV Producer Hadeel Emad


US troops have shot and critically wounded a newly-wed Iraqi female television producer after she failed to heed warnings from soldiers in Baghdad, the military and her station said today.

A US military statement said that Iraqi police and US soldiers had observed the woman, who had had failed to listen to warnings, behaving “erratically” before American soldiers shot her on New Year’s Day.

“Concerned by the danger she might present to the security forces and civilians, given her repeated failure to respond to warnings, multi-national division Baghdad soldiers fired two rounds, wounding the woman.”

The incident took place near a checkpoint in the central Baghdad neighbourhood of Karrada.

Mohsen al-Darraji, a spokesman for Beladi TV, said that 25-year-old producer Hadeel Emad had failed to heed warning shots because she had impaired hearing.

“The American troops did shoot in the air but she did not hear due to her hearing condition,”

“The American troops shot her and the bullet entered her chest and came out of her back,” Mr Darraji said.



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