Video: A Revealing Look at YouTube Censorship by Zionist Pressure Group

My YouTube channel is now suspended after I sent a polite but firm protest email to the YT staff regarding second strike on one of the anti-Zionist videos that had existed for eight months. Most of the work are now lost, but a few survive like “Mossad’s Role in Terror Attack on Mumabi, India“, at least for a while.

I also noticed a few of my subscribing friends’ accounts have been suspended in the last week as well.

The preceding post “YouTube Partners with MOSSAD – ADL” published on December 12 is correct in its assessment of YouTube’s terms of service policy regarding free speech restriction on particular topics.

Here is the list of YouTube video clips on Zionist-instigated censorship due to politically correct idiocy.

Caveat emptor.

Anti-Neocon Ryan: Censored by YouTube and the ADL

YouTube Boycott December 19th-21st 2008 (Blackout)

important Bad News: YouTube Partners with ADL (video removed)

YouTube’s Mass Censorship (S 1959)

Stop Zionist Censorship

Zionist Censorship Exposed on Myspace, Youtube and Wikipedia – video powered by Metacafe

Zionist Censorship Exposed (flagged for “mature content”; requires sign-in to view)


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